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Health and hospitalization

All international students must sign up for a health and hospitalization insurance as required for Certificat d’Acceptation du Québec (CAQ). To meet this requirement, Polytechnique provides the Foreign Student Health and Hospitalization Insurance (ASHEE) to international students unless they are eligible for the Régime d’Assurance Maladie du Québec (RAMQ).


The RAMQ is the public health insurance in Québec enabling insurees to benefit from free healthcare services. Citizens from countries that signed a specific agreement with Québec can benefit from this insurance free of charge.

Desjardins ASHEE

As an international student at Polytechnique Montréal, you are automatically covered by the ASHEE health insurance. Only proof of a RAMQ insurance may withdraw your subscription with ASHEE.

How to sign up for RAMQ if you are eligible?

To achieve this you need to have a form filled out by your inbound school and national health insurance provider then visit the RAMQ website to send all required documents for your request. Completing this will relieve you of mandatory health insurance fees.

What if you are not eligible for RAMQ?

For RAMQ-uneligible students, tuition fees include an extra 900$ in the fall or 600$ for winter or 300$ for summer ASHEE health insurance fees (to buy coverage for the whole year).You may find a list of covered treatment here (in French).

What about what RAMQ or ASHEE insurance does not cover?

The AÉCSP provides (through our partner ASEQ), two additional optional health insurance policies:
  • Health
  • Dental + legal

What different types of insurance are you entitled to?

Health & dental & legal

ASEQ (additional insurance on top of RAMQ or ASHEE)

Occupational accident insurance

Free and provided by default

Programme Mieux-Être

Free mental health support, free and provided for all

Still got any questions about insurance?

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