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Solidarity scholarships

This term, AECSP grants eight scholarships of 1500$ as last fall. These scholarships aim to help out students facing hard times in pursuing their studies.

Candidacy window and criteria

The timeframe for submitting your application and the administrative details are sent out each time via email. We will update this page next time as well. Should you wish to apply for a solidarity scholarship, stay tuned to AÉCSP news in your weekly email. The application file is here. Applications must be sent before March 26th at 4 pm.

Scholarship awarding

Handing out scholarships is carried out by a selection committee formed by the Board of Directors of AÉCSP. The small number of scholarships requires the committee to award final selection on a case-by-case basis.

How to get other scholarships?

Several other sources are available

Polytechnique and the Polytechnique Student Services office (SEP) also provide scholarships and financial aid. Feel free to get more information from the school website

More questions about scholarships?

What services does AÉCSP provide?


The AÉCSP solidarity scholarships

Parking spots

Yearly parking with a discount

Equipment lending

Free and diversified

Sworn documents

Free up to 20 pages
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