Withdrawal of individual office garbage, starting this fall.

Withdrawal of individual office garbage, starting this fall.

A message from the office of sustainable development of Polytechnique Montréal.

Starting in the fall, individual garbage cans from the AECSP student offices will be removed.

It is a well-known fact: the individual bin does not call for waste sorting.
Because they do not have compartments for the different categories of waste, small office bins often become a tote bag.

In this sense, they are an obstacle to responsible waste management efforts.

The solution: collective sorting islands
To encourage its community to adopt environmentally friendly practices, Polytechnique implemented a system of sorting islands on all floors in 2015.

These islands are designed to support each individual in the efficient sorting of their waste in 4 bins:

  • Compostable (organic) materials
  • Glass, plastic and metal
  • Buried waste
  • Paper and cardboard

The next step was to gradually remove the bins from the offices. Polytechnique will begin this shift in the fall of 2019, thanks to the collaboration with the AECSP.

Any questions?

Visit the website of the Office of Sustainable Development: https://www.polymtl.ca/durable/sur-le-campus/matieres-residuelles

You can also write to durable@polymtl.ca.

We thank you for your cooperation in reducing our environmental footprint.