Winter 2021 elections – Candidates – Education council

Winter 2021 elections – Candidates – Education council

The candidacy period is now closed! There are many positions available and we have not received any applications for the following positions:

  1. Delegates by department
    1. Mechanics
    2. Mineral
    3. Applied Mathematics and Industrial Engineering (MAGI)
    4. Physics
    5. Chemical
    6. Biomedical
    7. Metallurgical
  2. Delegates by student category
    1. Master’s degree in research
    2. Doctorate
    3. Short programs (DESS, Master’s degree)

If you are interested in applying for one of these positions, please contact us! You can eventually propose your candidacy to the Board of Directors.

For the other positions, here are the candidates:

Education council

Civil Engineering

Assia Ben Idir

Hello everyone, I am Assia Ben Idir, a master’s student in civil engineering project management and also the student delegate of the department of civil, geological and mining engineering of Polytechnique Montreal.

Being already very involved in the departmental authorities, I am running again as a candidate because I would like to continue to contribute to improving the teaching conditions in the department.

Student life is so precious, rich in experience and learning of all kinds, but unfortunately situations can get in the way of good academic progress, especially in these difficult times. This is why I place a high priority on listening to you and taking into consideration all your concerns. Like you, I am a student and like you, I would like to succeed in your studies and acquire the best skills in the best conditions.

Electrical Engineering

Elisabeth Owona

Dear Sir/Madam,
Following the announcement of the AECSP, I would like to present my candidacy for the position of departmental delegate for the year 2021-2022. My name is Ntsama Owona Elisabeth Adidja and I am a master’s student at Polytechnique Montreal.
Indeed, I would be very honored to join the education council of the Graduate Student Association.

As a reminder, the departmental delegate of electrical engineering is the spokesperson of the electrical engineering students towards the administration and the association. That is why, with an active sense of listening and a natural empathy, I would like through this application, to be the voice of the electrical engineering graduate students. To do so, I will reach out to the electrical engineering students and be their bridge to be heard by the administration. In addition, my main goal will be to resolve any issues that are brought to me with the help of the AÉCSP.
In the hope that my application will receive a favorable response from you, I thank you in advance, ladies and gentlemen, for your support.
Yours sincerely

Computer and Software Engineering

Olson Italis

Being enrolled in the PhD program in Computer Engineering, since summer 2018, I have benefited all this time from the initiatives of the AECSP. I still have probably one year left in the course, and I wanted to in turn participate in the functioning of the association and continue to benefit other students. I especially opted for the departmental representation when I realized that this position was still vacant. I therefore offered myself to serve in this new position and thus be useful to the Polytechnique community.