Students wanted : Student Discipline Committee

Students wanted : Student Discipline Committee

The AECSP is looking for students to sit on the Student Discipline Committee. The discipline committee regroups various entities at Polytechnique Montréal (staff, the AEP, the AECSP, etc.) in order to deal with disputes related to discipline at Polytechnique (fraud/cheating, violence and sexual violence, harassment, etc.). It has two divisions: the academic division and the behavioural division.
This committee will be formed in August and will meet periodically to take decisions on  various discipline-related issues.

Why get involved?

If you are a graduate student at Polytechnique, sitting on the committee represents a very good opportunity to express your opinion on disciplinary issues. The time commitment is not very high, but it will allow you to defend students who sometimes find themselves in complicated situations. In addition, if you are concerned about preventing violence (particularly sexual violence) or social injustices, this committee is the perfect opportunity to make your voice heard and give your time to an important cause. You can decide to sit in either division or both if you wish.

Appointment of members

The Academic Council appoints the persons called upon to chair the two divisions of the Student Discipline Committee and their alternates and constitutes a bank of persons called upon to sit on it. These persons are collectively referred to as the “members” of the Committee.
The conditions for eligibility of members are as follows: 

  • Demonstrate strong ethics and a respect for confidentiality;
  • Have no disciplinary infractions on their file and make a declaration of honour to this effect;  
  • For student members:
    • Be registered or registered:
      • an undergraduate program and have completed at least two years of study at the Polytechnique or 
      • a graduate program.
  • in a graduate program; and
    • Not to be under any conditions for the continuation of their studies.

If you would like to get involved, contact us at or come and see us at C419.

We thank those in advance who show interest. We really need volunteers on this committee to ensure graduate students have representation on these very important topics.