Event division and volunteering

The AÉCSP can only offer its members activities with the involvement of other people who give their time to help the organization and conduct of these activities.

The association has an event division composed of volunteers who are committed to organizing events and activities for the pleasure of the members of the AÉCSP.

This division was founded several years ago by students who wished to organize activities for all AECSP members. Instead of organizing events for themselves and their close friends, it was more interessant to offer the possibilty to participate to a larger group of people, which would be benefic for everyone: reduced prices, new encounters, the creaction of a community spirit in the AECSP, and so on.

It is composed of volunteers, and is always looking to expand its ranks. The more we are, the more incredible events we can create!

How can you participate ?

Whether you wish to help only during a particular event, or on the contrary you feel like you could organize a complete new activity, don’t hesitate to join us! You decide which level of commitment you want to have.

If you have new activities ideas or suggestions, feel free to ask us!

You can write to us at : aecsp-evenements@polymtl.ca, or contact Banzi Evenements Aecsp on Facebook or you can meet us at our office (C-423). You can also come chat with us during the events we organize.

Examples of events

Here you can see some example of events that we have organized in the past:
– several 5@7 (Boardgames, end of sessions, Halloween,…) and Wine and Cheeses
– Initiation to tir Sportif
– Initiation to curling
– Visit of a sugar shack 
– Waterpolo on tubes

and the list goes on…


If you would like to be one of those people who help make organized events a success, you can join the AÉCSP volunteer group. A Facebook group was created to allow event organizers to contact volunteers to help in a simple and fast way. To join this group, click on this link.

Of course you can unsubscribe from this group at any time.

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