Québec Engineering Competition (QEC)

Dual purpose event : Graduate studies competition of the Polytechnique Engineering Competition (PEC) and 4@6 for all participants to the PEC.
There is still some time to register for the competition! To do so, please send a summary of approximately 300 words of your project to externe@aecsp.qc.ca by November 25th at 11:59 PM at the latest.
Come see the research projects of the competitors, while feeding yourself and quenching your thirst (for knowledge, of course). The event is open to the whole of the Polytechnique community. Graduate students will get their first consummation free.

Description of the competition:
In this competition, the graduate studies participants present a Master’s or Ph.D level project. For the Polytechnique final, the competition has only one part*, which is a dynamic poster presentation. The presentations and projects are judged on their ability to simplify complex topics, their innovation, the clarity of the presentation as well as their technical feasibility. The clarity of any visual aids is also evaluated, on the clarity of the visual information and the relevance of the information on the visual aid. All participants are encouraged to reuse an existing poster. A reimbursement of a maximum of 20 $ for printing fees is planned on presentation of a receipt. 

Poster presentation:
• 90 cm x 135 cm approximately, French or English;
• 5 minutes of interactive presentation maximum with 3 minutes of questions;
• Prototype, videos and other visual elements are also allowed.
You can participate by yourself of in a two (2) people team.
When: November 29th 2017 from 4 PM to 6 PM
Registration limit : November 25th at 11:59 PM (send a summary of approximately 300 words to externe@aecsp.qc.ca) 
You could win a ticket the the Quebec Engineering Competition (approximate value of 215 $) as well as participation and jury prizes. 

For more details about the provincial final, or for any and all questions, please write to externe@aecsp.qc.ca .
* Contrary to the provincial final where there is a poster presentation and an oral presentation

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