Sponsorship and sponsorship letter

Need some support to organize an activity? Think of the AÉCSP!

Why ask for a sponsorship?

This sponsorship policy is established to encourage different extracurricular organizations activities at École Polytechnique de Montreal. Being aware that the success of such projects requires financial support, AÉCSP provides an annual part of its budget in the form of sponsorships to support initiatives affecting graduate students.

How should I write my request?

Fill the Sponsorship demand form and send it to tresorier@aecsp.qc.ca.

All sponsorship requests must contain the following information :

  • Name of the organization requesting the sponsorship
  • Name and coordinates* of the persons in charge of the project
  • Sponsorship amount requested**
  • Project description
  • The project’s budget planning clearly identifying the part(s) subsidized by AÉCSP
  • Description of AÉCSP’s visibility during the event
  • The estimated amount of AÉCSP members touched by this activity
  • Any other relevant information

*A phone number and/or an email address will be considered valid coordinates

For the sponsorship request to be treated, the following conditions must be met :

  • All required information is provided;
  • The application must be received at least 15 working days before the date of the activity;
  • The application must be sent in paper to C-419 or in electronic format (text in an email or a .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx or .pdf format) to the following email address: tresorier@aecsp.qc.ca

**Il est à noter que la commandite peut être demandée sous la forme d’un montant d’argent ou toute autre forme jugée convenable par les exécutants.

Applications evaluation

AÉCSP’s Executive Committee will process the request as soon as possible. The application will be judged on the following criteria:

  • The application’s quality as well as the respect of the requirements
  • The project’s relevance***
  • La planification financière de l’activité de même que la nécessité d’une telle commandite à la réalisation de l’activité, en regard des ressources financières de l’organisme demandant
  • The activity’s financial planning as well as the need for such a sponsorship for the activity to be able to be made
  • The number of AÉCSP members affected by the activity
  • AÉCSP’s visibility during the event

***Note that requests for discriminatory or immoral activities will be automatically rejected

The AÉCSP will then contact the organizer in order to convey the decision of the Executive Committee

Sponsorship letter

A letter of sponsorship requires a period of 3 weeks for its treatment. It is necessary to have a complete case justifying the request. It should include all relevant information on the project, including the budget, a Gantt chart, a description of the project, the affected members and the number of project members from graduate studies.

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