Parking permit

Parking permit

Parking permits are available for student members of the Association. Given the limited number of permits, allocation of parking permits (daily permits) is done on a comparative basis of applications and the number of permits available.

Please note!

  • Given the limited number of permits, not all demands will be granted
  • The parking is a privilege that is not transferable from year to year
  • The Association reserves the right to verify all information provided
  • The attribution is only done during the automn session.

This service is only available to members of the AÉCSP. In order to have your application considered, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Have a driver’s license
  • Be a full-time graduate student
  • Return the application form and the supporting documents requested before the date indicated on the form

Any incomplete  application or any application not meeting these criteria will be rejected.

The form can be find here. You can submit it by email at .

The deadline is August 28th 2020.


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