AÉCSP fund

The purpose of the AÉCSP Fund, established in 1990, is to improve the socio-economic conditions of graduate students from the École Polytechnique by granting scholarships.

The fund is managed by the Fondation de Polytechnique and is made from donations given by students after an initial fundraising campaign. In 2004, the AÉCSP created, with the interest generated by the fund, the “AÉCSP solidarity scholarships“. These are scholarships awarded in April each year.

The AÉCSP wishes to reactivate the fundraising campaign to ensure the continuity of this scholarship program that greatly help those who need it.


A non-mandatory debit of $ 5 will be charged to your account statement for each session.

The student that wishes to contribute more than 5 $ to the AÉCSP Fund can proceed by :

  • Sending an email to fonds@aecsp.qc.ca, indicating that he wishes to contribute an additional amount of (specify the amount).
  • This amount will be charged in addition to his tuition for the current semester. A tax receipt will be issued to him for an amount greater than $ 25.

For the student for whom it is impossible to contribute to the AÉCSP Fund, the operation is as simple :

  • He must send an email to fondsAECSP@polymtl.ca, indicating he does not want to contribute to the “AÉCSP Fund” for the current session.
  • This amount will be deducted from the payment to be made in mid-session.

Dont forget to indicate your last name, first name and student number.

For the autumn term, the emails have to be sent before September 30, 2021

It should be noted that only students wishing to give more or to not contribute to the AÉCSP Fund have to send an email to fondsAECSP@polymtl.ca. All other students will have their non-mandatory automatic fee included in their statement.

The Association des étudiants aux cycles supérieurs de Polytechnique and the Fondation de Polytechnique are pleased that students have given themselves the means to enhance their passing to Polytechnique and support students. This fund belongs to you, be proud of it!

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