Fall 2019 AÉCSP Elections

Fall 2019 AÉCSP Elections

This October, we are opening the AÉCSP election period. This session, 7 administrator positions are to be filled!

Type A Director (Autumn)

Do you want to discover more about the AÉCSP?
Do you want to share your ideas and opinions? The administrator position is for you!

For a small investment of time, you can:
– administer the affairs of the Association
– control and monitor the activities of the Association
– authorize, approve or amend budget contracts

The Board of Directors meets once a month. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to visit our website:
aecsp.qc.ca/association/board of directors/

Election process

Do you want to apply? Here are the steps to follow:

  • Complete the application form and have it signed by at least 10 members of the AÉCSP from the same department as you. The form is available here.
  • Write a short presentation text of maximum 150 words (in French, but you can also include a translation).
  • Choose a good picture of yourself.
  • Return your completed form to the door box in room C-419
  • Send your short text and photo before October 23rd to president@aecsp.qc.ca

You must be a member of the association to be able to introduce yourself.

You want to launch an election campaign? A budget of $20 is granted to you and can only be spent during the campaign period. These expenses must be justified and declared to the election committee: tresorier@aecsp.qc.ca

You want to learn more about the positions: https://aecsp.qc.ca/association/reglements-et-politiques/.

You can also drop by C-420, one of the association’s offices, during lunch hours, or write to president@aecsp.qc.ca

Important dates:

  • Nomination: October 8-23
  • Campaign period: from 24 to 28 October
  • Voting: 29, 30, 31 October

The counting will take place on 1 November. The deadline for receipt of the protest is November 6.