Élections Hiver 2021 – Candidats – Board of directors

Élections Hiver 2021 – Candidats – Board of directors

The candidacy period is now closed! There are many positions available and we have not received any applications for the following positions:

  1. Delegates by department
    1. Mechanics
    2. Mineral
    3. Applied Mathematics and Industrial Engineering (MAGI)
    4. Physics
    5. Chemical
    6. Biomedical
    7. Metallurgical
  2. Delegates by student category
    1. Master’s degree in research
    2. Doctorate
    3. Short programs (DESS, Master’s degree)

If you are interested in applying for one of these positions, please contact us! You can eventually propose your candidacy to the Board of Directors.

For the other positions, here are the candidates:

Board of directors

Lauren de Chambure

Lauren de Chambure

But what is the position of administrator?
The position of administrator is essentially to follow, discuss and vote the decisions for the Association, through the Coordinating Council. He/she is involved in administering the affairs of the Association or voting on the budget. In short, the administrator helps to keep things running smoothly within the AECSP, and participates in the debate through his/her opinions in order to make important decisions.

The administrator also participates in numerous working groups on specific issues, such as student welfare, research continuity, sustainable development, external partnerships or student activities.

What are my motivations?
Through this position of administrator, I am of course looking to get involved in Poly’s student life. In these times of pandemic, maintaining the link is not always easy and I think that the role of the AECSP is central in maintaining the link between students and organizing the beginning of the resumption of face-to-face activities. As an international student, I also feel particularly involved in all the issues of student welfare, integration and activities.
Sitting on the Board of Directors is my way of contributing to the student life of Polytechnique Montréal. Organized and methodical, the position of administrator will allow me to bring my experience of associative and management of large groups or events to the AECSP and to the whole student community of Polytechnique.
But it is also a way for me to share my ideas and opinions (and yours!) on important decisions of the AECSP. I like to think and debate about fundamental issues, and to interact with the different parties to find the best compromise. Through my involvement in the Board of Directors, in the working groups and as a volunteer in different areas, I wish to be the link between the student community and the AECSP.

Victor Devaux

My name is Victor Devaux, I am a student in the research master’s program in industrial engineering. I started my course at polytechnique during the fall 2019 semester. I started my studies in France in the school of mines of Albi. After two years, I decided to join Polytechnique Montreal. My experience in associations is diverse. I was a member of three associations in my school in France. I was able to learn and develop different qualities in teamwork and communication. My adventure with the AÉCSP started last September when I joined the event team to help organize different activities.

For example, I was one of the main organizers of the Escape Game in the poly station metro in February 2020. After two sessions of helping with the AÉCSP vent, I decided to take it to the next level. I wanted to do more. So I joined the coordinating committee as the communications coordinator for the 2020-2021 term. This experience was very beneficial to me, I was able to discover some of the inner workings of the association, share as much information as possible with graduate students and invest myself for the students. As this term is ending, I have decided to run as a type H director to continue my involvement in the association.

Guillaume Ortiz

Hello everyone!

My name is Guillaume Ortiz and I am a student in the Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering. I first came to Poly in distance learning from France in the fall of 2020 before moving to Montreal in January.
A big fan of all kinds of games (video, board and even role-playing), I recently started to learn drawing. I also enjoy music a lot, both to listen to it (variety, folk, alternative-indie, …) and to play it (piano, guitar) or even compose it.

I was very involved in my former school. The arts office, the association for equal opportunities for young people, social justice: social and cultural issues are at the heart of my interest. It is to defend fair and sustainable positions on these subjects on the board of directors of the AÉCSP that I am running for the position of director.

I would be happy to represent the students on the Board of Directors and to discuss the positions of the AÉCSP with you. I think I’m a pretty approachable person and open to discussion: if you want your opinions to be taken into account, don’t hesitate to contact me so that I can include your ideas and positions in the discussions of the association’s decision-making body!

Elisabeth Owona

Dear Sir/Madam,
Following the announcement of the AECSP, I would like to present my candidacy for the position of director for the year 2021-2022. My name is Ntsama Owona Elisabeth Adidja and I am a master’s student at Polytechnique Montreal.

Indeed, I would be very honored to join the board of directors of the Graduate Student Association. As a reminder, the job of an administrator is to follow the work of the coordinating committee and to verify that everything is going well, that the decisions taken are in accordance with the principles of the association and that the work is well done. That is why, with a strong sense of leadership and a passion for innovation, I would like to put my energies at the service of the association and make sure that it stands out by promoting essential values. I have already been able to obtain many of the personal qualities necessary for an administrator. During my previous position as secretary of the girls’ association of Polytechnique Yaoundé, I learned in particular the rigor and the sense of work well done. My application is therefore adequate for this position.
In the hope that this application will receive a favorable response from you, I thank you in advance, ladies and gentlemen, for your support.
Sincerely yours.

Camille Pillot

Hello to all ! My name is Camille PILLOT. I am French and I am currently doing a double degree in Biomedical Engineering at Polytechnique Montreal. I already have experience in associations acquired during my years of study in France and I am, in particular, on the board of directors of a small French humanitarian association. I also joined the volunteers of the AECSP’s events department last March in order to participate in the organization of
events to make the students’ life more dynamic. I would now like to discover more about the AECSP by getting more involved in the association. This is why I am applying for the position of H-type administrator.

Martin Vabre

Hello everyone,
My name is Martin Vabre and I come from France. I studied at the Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne and I had the chance to do a double degree here, at Polytechnique Montreal. I have started a research master’s degree in mechanical engineering that will last at least until the end of the winter 2022 session. I am therefore running for the position of H-type administrator for this year’s term.
I have recently arrived in Montreal and I am still getting used to the school and the city. However, I would like to get involved in the associative life of the school.

Being part of the board of directors of the AÉCSP is a way for me to actively participate. Seeing future projects come to life and taking part in the decisions concerning them would be an enriching experience.
In terms of associative experience, I was part of the BDA (“Bureau Des Arts”) at my school as vice-president. We were in charge of organizing events related to art and culture, whether they were external (cinema, opera, theater, …) or internal (dance classes, open stage, theme nights, …) to students. I have already been able to participate in the decision making process of some long term projects.
As I started my master’s degree in distance learning, I couldn’t meet many of you, but I hope you will trust me.
I look forward to meeting you!