General Assembly

The members’ general assembly is the supreme authority of the AÉCSP. It has the right of veto on all decisions taken by the board of directors.


The General Assembly is the gathering of active members of the Association. Its skills are:

  • To receive annually the financial statements approved by the Board of Directors,
  • To choose the auditor of the financial statements,
  • To ratify all modifications to the General Regulations, according to what is provided for in the Law, AÉCSP, General Regulations 6 AÉCSP
  • To mandate the Board of Directors to study and rule on any matter affecting the Association, including one on which the Board of Directors has already ruled.
  • To demand from the board of directors or any officer any report on any matter of interest to the Association.
  • The Board of Directors may consult the General Assembly on any other matter relating to the proper functioning of the Association.

It must take place once a year between September 15 and October 15 . All members are invited to participate,  either directly or by sharing their ideas and comments to their departmental delegates.  It is important that as many students as possible participate in the general assembly  to ensure that  its decisions represent the opinion of a majority. The quorum for regular or special  general assemblies is twenty-five (25) members, the assembly president verifies  the number of participants before each assembly to continue with the meeting. It is therefore  important to attend and voice your opinion there. If there is a place where you can  make your voice heard, it is in the general assembly.

In addition, any member may request the convocation of a special general assembly by writing to the Executive Secretary, with the support of 25 signatures of active members from the AÉCSP.

All members’ general assembly meeting will be convened by means of a public notice posted at the AÉCSP’s headquarters and by any medium of communication deemed appropriate for this purpose. The notice will specify the date, time, place and order of the day of the meeting. The notice will be posted at least fourteen days before the holding of an annual general assembly and at least three days before the holding of a special general assembly.

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