AÉCSP: Assemble. Represent. Realise

The Association des Étudiants des Cycles Supérieurs de Polytechnique inc. (AÉCSP) was created in 1970 and incorporated in 1976.

It includes the 2400 graduate students at the École Polytechnique and postdoctoral interns who join voluntarily. The association’s mandate is:

  •   defend the students’ interests
  •   represent its members on the school’s committees
  •   organize various sociocultural activities

In general, the AÉCSP seek to bring graduate students together and to improve their social situation.

The pursuit of its objectives leads the AÉCSP to sit on various boards and committees, both inside and outside the school. At Polytechnique, AÉCSP sends representatives at:

The AÉCSP is also represented at meetings of national student organizations such as the Quebec Student Union (Union Étudiante du Québec or UEQ) and is a member of the Conseil National des Cycles Supérieurs et de la Recherche(CNCSR), 

The Association provides its members her famous Lounge (Room C-418), where you can enjoy a great fair trade coffee and discuss in peace. There are also magazines that you can borrow. The Lounge can also be booked for holding private meetings.

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