DEADLINE: May 25, 2020, 4 p.m.

Amount of scholarships: $ 10,000 (MASTERY)

                                                 $ 17,000 (DOCTORATE)

Eligibility conditions:

  • Have completed at least two full-time university sessions in a Quebec university in the last 12 months before submitting the application to the Foundation (in July). These two sessions may have been completed in a different study program than that for which the scholarship is requested;
  • Be registered full-time in their study program in the fall and winter of the year following the competition to receive the scholarship;
  • Have a university average greater than or equal to 3.00 / 4.00 (Poly);
  • Not having completed more than three (3) sessions at the Masters and more than nine (9) sessions at PhD at the time of filing your application.

Selection criteria :

For master’s students:

  •     University Excellence – 50%
  •     Research skills / analytical mind – 10%
  •     Social involvement / leadership / entrepreneurship – 20%
  •     Financial need – 20%

For doctoral students:

  •     University Excellence – 45%
  •     Research skills / analytical mind – 20%
  •     Social involvement / leadership / entrepreneurship – 10%
  •     Financial need – 25%


  1. The application form downloaded online from the Foundation website. Please complete the online form and print it out afterwards;
  2. Proof of Canadian citizenship (birth certificate, passport or Canadian citizenship card), permanent residence (permanent resident card) or a photocopy of the study visa for international students;
  3. All academic transcripts (including 2019 winter semester grades);
  4. A reference letter from a university sponsor;
  5. A letter of reference from a non-university respondent (without family ties to the candidate) and who can attest to the professional involvement, social involvement, leadership or volunteer involvement of the candidate;
  6. The list of publications (if applicable).
  7. An update CV.

Contest rules: Read the instructions in the application form.

NOTE: This year, Polytechnique Montréal must submit 6 applications to the Arbor Foundation for the final selection of scholarship recipients, including 4 files of Canadian citizen or permanent resident students and 2 files of international students.

Submission of applications by May 25, 2020 at 4:00 p.m .:

For students already registered at Polytechnique: submit the application in the General deposit box on the Moodle website: “Internal scholarship competition – Student service”.

For students not registered at Polytechnique but who are currently admitted for the fall 2020 session: submit the application by email to  in a single PDF file. A confirmation of receipt will be sent to you a few days after your deposit. If you do not receive the acknowledgment of receipt, please notify us by sending an email to the same address ( ).

If the candidates are selected by the university and then by the Foundation, they will be invited for an interview during the month of August. If for exceptional reasons the student cannot be present in Canada at this time, the Foundation may possibly authorize that the interview be made by conference call (Skype or other). The Foundation will send the results of the interviews to candidates as well as to universities in mid-September.

Good success!